The Healthier Dental Solution

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When I started looking into alternative, healthier solutions to teeth issues, I found that it’s possible to take care of your teeth in a natural, effective way without using potentially damaging chemicals, so why shouldn’t others be able to do the same?

The first and perhaps easiest place to start addressing oral care is to re-evaluate what you use to brush with, both the brush and the dentrifice.  Dentrifice is defined as a paste, powder, gel, or liquid used for teeth cleaning.  One typically just grabs whatever dentrifice brand or packaging that looks and sounds appealing from your favorite store.  I now realize that many specific ingredients in most dentrifices do not really help oral care,and are just synthetic chemicals .  If you purchase and use a dentrifice with the best, most useful natural ingredients:  “dentrifice has the potential to disorganize, disperse, detoxify, and thereby decontaminate the pathogenic bacterial biofilms that colonize tooth surfaces and gingival crevices” (Source).

Investigating natural, effective ingredients for a dentifrice appealed to the ceramic engineer in me. My former work experience gave me the knowledge of understanding physical and chemical makeup of materials, how to source the best materials, why particle size and purity matters for these materials, and how to combine them to make the most effective tooth powder to result in complete oral care.

I’ve tested and retested until I found the right formula that can:

  • Assist in eliminating cavities.
  • Increase brightness and cleanliness of teeth.
  • Help eliminate tooth sensitivity
  • Assist in remineralizing teeth.
  • Boost mouth saliva pH.
  • Inhibit plaque buildup.
  • Frustrate bad mouth bacteria.
  • Remove tooth surface stains.

More and more people are getting wiser to wanting skincare and other health products that are made without harmful chemicals, so shouldn’t we also look to have safer, natural products for cleaning our teeth? 

HAPPY Tooth Powder is the ONLY tooth powder to pass the qualifications to become an EWG VERIFIED product. EWG VERIFIED MEANS THIS PRODUCT AVOIDS EWG'S INGREDIENTS OF CONCERN, IS COMMITTED TO FULL TRANSPARENCY AND OPERATES UNDER GOOD MANUFACTURING PRACTICES. HAPPY Tooth Powder is proud to lead the way for better, safer teeth and oral care. View our products on the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep web site here.

HAPPY Tooth Powder, made by Natural Tooth Health LLC, is the answer. If it works for me and my family, it will work for you.