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 all nAtural ingredients 


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Our original tooth powders

unflavored powder is EWG Verified


Tooth Paste & Mouth Rinse

Unflavored are EWG Verified

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HAPPY Tooth Paste

Utilizing the same powder ingredients in HAPPY Tooth Powder, this Tooth Paste addresses our customers need or desire for a paste instead of a powder. You will obtain the same oral care improvements as proven by our Tooth Powder. Fluoride free, SLS free, and no artificial dyes in the unflavored version.

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HAPPY Mouth Rinse

A product to further improve mouth health after brushing; our rinse is based on Erythritol. It is fluoride and alcohol free, and artificial dye free in the unflavored rinses. Completely safe for children. Our new Essential Oil Blend Mouth Rinse is for Adults only. Bottles are 500ml (17oz)


 2019 New Product

Natural Chewing Gum

Natural Chewing Gum
Sugar-Free with Xylitol


Bubble Gum
Assorted Mix

It is a perfect compliment to our HAPPY Tooth Powder, Tooth Paste, and Mouth Rinse. Gum will help prevent cavities and increase saliva production while chewing between meals.

* no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives

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HAPPY Tooth Powder and Tooth Paste are TOP 5 of all commercial Toothpastes in Cleaning Efficiency Index (low abrasion but high stain removal).

HAPPY Tooth Powders with Xylitol & Erythritol, unflavored, Happy Tooth Paste and Mouth Rinse, unflavored

HAPPY Tooth Powders with Xylitol & Erythritol, unflavored, Happy Tooth Paste and Mouth Rinse, unflavored


ewg verified


EWG announces that unflavored HAPPY Tooth Paste and Happy Mouth Rinse are EWG VERIFIED products, in addition to HAPPY TOOTH POWDER.

  • HAPPY Tooth Paste joins only 5 other commercial toothpastes that meet EWG verification criteria.

  • HAPPY Mouth Rinse is one of only 3 commercial mouth rinses that meets EWG verification criteria.

  • HAPPY Tooth Powder was our first product to be EWG verified; and is the only commercial tooth powder on the EWG verification list.

  • Natural Tooth Health is the only commercial producer and supplier that has three different oral care products EWG verified

HAPPY Tooth Powder is excited to be EWG VERIFIED so that all our customers can see this stamp of approval on our product containers showing we never put harmful chemicals in or products. HAPPY Tooth Powder is proud to lead the way for better, safer teeth and oral care. View our products on the Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep web site here.

I started using HAPPY Tooth Powder 6 weeks ago, and now have used the newly developed HAPPY Tooth Paste for 4 weeks. My teeth feel polished after each use, just like when I see my hygienist. 

I have reviewed the HAPPY powder and paste dental testing results for abrasion (RDA), pellicle cleaning (PCR), and cleaning efficiency (CEI). These test results are very refreshing in that I can accomplish the smooth polished feeling without abrading or harming my teeth.

The fact that Natural Tooth Health has used an independent laboratory to test their product speaks volumes to their integrity and focus on providing the best oral care products for everyone.

I currently have my family using the HAPPY Tooth paste and have recommended it to family, friends, and patients. I would recommend Happy Tooth Products to anyone looking to effectively clean their and their children’s teeth.
— Dr. John D Wells, D.D.S., P.A.
American Association of Endodontics, Specialist Member