Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why sell a powder rather than a paste?

A toothpaste formulation requires the use of ingredients that have no impact on your oral care. A paste that flows out of a tube needs water, flow (viscosity) modifiers, and paste stabilizers that are all chemicals. This combination of materials requires a special mixing apparatus and feeder to place the paste inside a plastic tube. We use ingredients that are all active in supporting healthy mouth care. Our glass bottle container is also recyclable.

2. Are all the HAPPY Tooth Powder ingredients safe?

Yes. We have MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) information from all our raw material suppliers that prove their products are nontoxic, even digestible. Perfectly safe for all ages.

3.  Can children really use a tooth powder for brushing?

Yes. In our test marketing, we had 4 year old children use it successfully after being shown by adults how to use it.  You will be surprised how they really like using it. They even liked the taste without the usual minty flavor.

4.  Can I use your tooth powder with an electric toothbrush?

Yes. An electric toothbrush typically has a smaller/narrower brush area which may use a smaller amount of powder. One can follow the instructions on the website without any issues.

5.  Why does HAPPY Tooth Powder cost more than toothpaste?

Based on the number of brushings per bottle versus a tube of toothpaste, the cost is not that much more. Remember that our tooth powder has all active and high quality ingredients compared to most toothpastes which have only fluoride as an active ingredient and silica as an abrasive. We also offer Free Shipping in our price compared to other products for sale on the internet.

6.  How long does a large bottle of HAPPY Tooth Powder last?

A large bottle will last approximately 3 months. This will depend on how much you use per brushing. At the beginning, you may overuse the powder until getting comfortable with the procedure. If you require extra tooth cleaning or have severe sensitivity that needs attention, you may wish to use extra powder or brush more frequently for the first few weeks to see quicker results.

7.  Should I order Happy Tooth Powder with Xylitol or Erythritol?

Both products will improve your oral care. Erythritol is a new product being used in tooth powder (Happy tooth powder is one of the very few that has it). There are fewer research studies using erythritol compared to Xylitol. Research so far says it may be as good or better than Xylitol in helping reduce cavity formation. The more erythritol based tooth powder we can sell, the more evidence we can accumulate to help form conclusions on its performance.

8. How do I use tooth powder?

Slowly tilt the small or large bottle so that a small (1/8 teaspoon) amount flows out into the palm of your clean hand. Wet your toothbrush and dab the bristles into the powder, using up about half, and brush for 30-60 seconds. Repeat to use up the powder in the hand.

The large bottle has a flip top lid. The flip top allows you to slowly pour a 1/8 teaspoon size of powder in the palm of one hand and follow as above. The flip top allows ease of use-- no need to unscrew or remove a normal bottle lid to pour out the powder, and no need to replace the lid by screwing it back on. 

Do not dip a wet toothbrush into the large bottle to coat it with powder. After a while, you will get excess moisture/water into the powder and it will start to clump up. It is still usable but harder to disperse and keep on the brush. The clumps can be easily broken up.

9. When will I see results?

You will see your teeth look and feel cleaner after one brushing! Depending on the degree of staining, your teeth will look closer to their inherent color within a few weeks. Decrease in sensitivity may occur as quickly as a few days to up to a month depending on how severe your individual sensitivity situation is. Remineralization is tougher to quantify, and really only your personal dentist will be able to tell you based on your checkup. The same is true for cavity prevention and elimination. Use your last dental checkup as a baseline, and then after 3-6 months of Happy Tooth Powder use, your dentist should see improvement in your total oral care.