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Our Story

My health conscious, acupuncturist daughter called me one day: “I cannot believe my kids’ dentist said they have cavities.”

A few months later, I had tons of information on oral care products and research reports on oral health. I was startled by statistics that I had found: over 80% of adults have cavities, and even more sadly, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention claims that over 40% of 5-year old children have cavities.

My conclusion was that cavities and oral hygiene need attention, and that it is a very technical and complex subject. I also found that there is controversy and disagreement in the oral care industry.

I believe oral health can be summarized into a few, very key points:

  • Diet and nutrition are extremely important- both what is needed and what should be avoided.
  • New and natural tooth dentrifice ingredients can make a difference in cavity prevention, cleanliness, and tooth re-mineralization.
  • Mouth chemistry and cleansing can impact not only teeth health, but also whole body health.
  • Our children need a better oral hygiene program.

If we can bring greater focus to these 4 aspects of oral care, I truly believe our population will have fewer cavities (if any) and increased overall health.

After much thought I decided to put my ceramic engineering advanced degree to work; utilize my experience in the applications of raw materials for ceramics, polishing, and abrasives; and develop the best tooth powder formulation for healthy, happy teeth.

Health has always been important to me

This was a result of having parents who emphasized good eating habits and healthy behaviors as a kid. I never missed a day of school from Grade 7-12. Up until age 60, I was never in a hospital. Now that I look back, my most serious health issue was tooth decay. Both of my parents had poor tooth quality, so maybe genetics was not on my side. I have had several cavities, and now crowns, and have struggled at times with tooth sensitivity. Oil pulling stopped minor tooth and gum issues I had a few years ago. 

Now I use HAPPY Tooth Powder and have:

  • No teeth sensitivity
  • Brighter teeth
  • Cleaner teeth
  • No new cavities

I want to pass on my recent learnings regarding overall health and oral care so my family, grandkids, and everyone who sees this site will benefit.

Tom Carbone, Creator of HAPPY Tooth Powder and Natural Tooth Health, LLC

Tom is a ceramic engineer by education with many years experience in research and development, sales, marketing and management. He formed a ceramic raw materials business aimed at supplying the refractory and ceramic industry. Tom has published technical articles on sintering of ceramics and the production and uses of aluminum oxide. The last few years have been spent being a technical consultant.  He formed Natural Tooth Health, LLC to share research on total oral care for the benefit of his family and those seeking better teeth and oral health. When not researching about oral health, he can be found playing golf tournaments and tennis, gardening, making sourdough bread, and best of all engaging with 10 wonderful grandchildren! Tom has a goal to contribute to and make a difference for better mouth hygiene for all of humanity.