HAPPY Tooth Powder - with Xylitol

HAPPY Tooth Powder - with Xylitol

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How to Use

Small Bottle (25 g)

Slowly tilt the bottle so that a small (1/8 teaspoon) amount flows out into the palm of your clean hand. Wet the toothbrush and dab the bristles into the powder, using up about half, and brush for 30-60 seconds. Repeat to use up the powder in the hand.

Large Bottle (90 g)

It comes with a flip top lid. The flip top helps you to slowly pour a 1/8 teaspoon size of powder in the palm of one hand and follow as above. The flip top allows ease of use-- no need to unscrew or remove a bottle lid to pour out the powder, and no need to replace the lid by screwing back on. 

Do not dip a wet toothbrush into the bottle to coat it with powder. After a while, you will get excess moisture/water into the powder and it will start to clump up. It is still usable but harder to disperse and keep on the brush. The clumps can be easily broken up.


Larger Quantities

If you have a need for more than one bottle (families), we can supply larger quantities in a bulk package (the large bottle is easy to fill and reuse) of the weight you desire. Please contact us for your discount.

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