I like your tooth powder because the taste is great and it feels gentle and doesn’t make my gums bleed. I also like that you add calcium for remineralization, so it’s not just cleaning but also restoring. Liz November 2018

I am very happy with your tooth powder. My teeth are healthy and my last dentist visit was quick! Georgina October 2018

We have been using the powder for 10+ months now and I do love it! It is also the only thing we have used for our 2 year old, and she is loving brushing!

Tayelor October 2018

My husband and I both like how clean our mouths feel after using the powder. We also really like the new toothpaste and mouth rinse. I have noticed that my teeth are less sensitive since using the HAPPY tooth products. My husband loves knowing that most of the ingredients are sourced in the USA too! Lorna October 2018

I have a mouthful of not so great teeth due to a childhood of poor dental care. My latest tooth sensitivity is history though now since using Happy Tooth Powder. I love this product. Amy October 2018

I started using HAPPY Tooth Powder 6 weeks ago, and now have used the newly developed HAPPY Tooth Paste for 4 weeks. 

My teeth feel polished after each use, just like when I see my hygienist.  I thought for sure each product must be overly abrasive to accomplish this. 

I have reviewed the HAPPY powder and paste dental testing results for abrasion (RDA), pellicle cleaning (PCR), and cleaning efficiency (CEI). These test results are very refreshing in that I can accomplish the smooth polished feeling without abrading or harming my teeth. 

Since the powder and paste is excellent in removing the pellicle, plaque does not have the ability to attach to the tooth surface.  This allows the polished feel to last longer after brushing. Plaque removal is also the key to cavity prevention.

The fact that Natural Tooth Health has used an independent laboratory to test their product speaks volumes to their integrity and focus on providing the best oral care products  for everyone.

I currently have my family using the HAPPY Tooth paste and have recommended it to family, friends, and patients. I would recommend Happy Tooth Products to anyone looking to effectively clean their and their children’s teeth.

Dr. John D Wells, D.D.S., P.A.
American Association of Endodontics, Specialist Member

June 2018


It’s the first night of use with your tooth powder and I can’t even explain to you how WONDERFUL my teeth and my gums feel like!!!!! They feel so clean and refreshed. I just wish I knew about things like this when I was a kid now. 
I feel rest assured my children are using a wonderful product that is safe to swallow. They loved the watermelon flavor.
I’m spreading the word here in Ohio!!! Day 1 and I am amazed! Thank you for taking the time to develop a quality tooth powder that is safe for my children! Happy momma over here! I will let you know in November if we healed my oldest first cavity and my cavity that is on watch! 

Amanda July 2018
P.S. We did not have any trouble with pouring out the powder! My oldest who is 6 even held out her hand to hold it. No issues over here! Easy peasy.


I have been using Happy Tooth Powder for five months and am happy to report my sensitivity has stayed away. I was using Sensodyne toothpaste. This past month I went on a two week trip and forgot my tooth powder. Within 10 days, using regular toothpaste, my sensitivity reappeared!! Upon returning home and using Happy Tooth Powder, my sensitivity was gone in about 3 days. It truly stops sensitivity. And my teeth look clean and brighter than ever.  Judy May 2018


 I’m loving the tooth powder that I received!! My teeth look clean, bright, and whiter!  Georgina  May 2018


I like the light flavor of it. My mouth feels clean with no build up on my teeth.   Diana    May 2018


I am very pleased with my purchase.
I have tried many natural toothpastes and powders with minimal results. Your powder has brightened my teeth and has helped with sensitivity within a very short period of time.  I am also very impressed with your level of commitment and personal contact with your customers. That speaks volumes about a company and that sort of philosophy is rare these days!!!
Tracey    April 2018

I love your tooth powder!  My teeth feel fresh & clean all day long.  I like the original and flavor best.  Anne  Feb 2018


I just wanted to tell you how much I love the tooth powder! I noticed a difference after the first brushing! And after two, the whitening effects became apparent-my teeth have never been so white! I have received the same reaction from a few friends who've tried it, too.  Susan  Jan 2018


Just went to the dentist today after my 10 year old daughter and I have been using Happy Tooth Powder for about 2 months. No cavities and I have no more sensitivity. Love this stuff!  Christy Feb 2018


Thanks again for the sample!  I love it!  My teeth feel so smooth and look whiter! - they actually squeek in the 2nd brushing!  I'm telling my whole family about it.  My daughter's using it also, and I can already see her teeth are whiter! Anne  Feb 2018


I love Happy Tooth Powder!   I could not be happier! It is so easy to use and my teeth feel and look so very clean. So glad to have found HAPPY Tooth Powder!  Dawn  Feb 2018


I always made sure to buy non-fluoride toothpaste for my kids and myself, but I never stopped to look at the other toothpaste ingredients to see what they were actually doing FOR our teeth. Turns out mostly nothing. We’ve been using HAPPY Tooth Powder for several months and we all love it! I’m happy that it does not contain fluoride (or other harmful chemicals!) and that all six ingredients are active toward improving the health of our teeth -especially preventing cavities and re-mineralizing teeth. I initially found HAPPY Tooth Powder when My 6 year old daughter was diagnosed with two cavities and I was devastated. We started using HAPPY Tooth Powder for a few months and at her next dental appointment (a year later from diagnosis) the dentist could not see any cavities! HAPPY Tooth Powder is now a fixture in our household. Thank you!   Leslie  Dec 2017


My teeth feel clean and smooth after brushing. I drink several cups of tea a day and any surface staining is removed. I also like how it is not minty. I will place another order soon.   Christine Dec 2017


I have had severe tooth sensitivity for many years that has not been solved by anti-sensitivity tooth paste. After 3 days of using your tooth powder, it was almost completely eliminated. After 10 days, I have no sensitivity. A fantastic product.   Lisa Dec 2017


Thank you for my free sample. My teeth sensitivity is now gone.   Pete  Dec 2017


If you like healthy, chemical-free products for your family, I highly recommend Happy Tooth Powder. My kids are big fans of their watermelon flavor.  Katie  Jan 2018