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The Benefits of Toothpaste Pulling

Toothpaste pulling is our recommended technique to help speed up solutions to your oral care issues.

It is basically the same as coconut oil pulling, only using our toothpaste or even our tooth powder.

If you have extreme tooth sensitivity, cavities, or a condition known as soft enamel, this technique can help bring relief in a quicker time period.

The goal is to have our toothpaste or tooth powder maintain a longer contact time with your teeth and gum surfaces compared to the normal 1-2 minute brushing time. A good time to do this pulling is right before bedtime, so the surface reaction time is almost as long as your length of sleeping.

Pulling Technique

We have found the best technique is to first brush your teeth as normal, spit out and rinse to remove all the dislodged food debris, plaque, etc. Then place another dab of toothpaste into the mouth, let your saliva mix with it, and swirl the mixture around inside your mouth for as long as you can up to maybe 15 minutes. This will coat your teeth, gums and tongue with our product. Spit out the excess, but do not rinse.

All of the surfaces will remain coated such that surface reactions will continue. The same technique can be done with our tooth powder, either premixed with a very small amount of water or letting your natural saliva mix with it to make a paste.

We would suggest using this pulling technique for 5-7 days to see if you notice any improvement, especially a decrease in sensitivity. It will be hard to determine if cavity or soft enamel issues are improved in such a short time period however. These are more long term issues, so you should consider doing the “paste-pulling” technique every other day for a month or more.

Give this a try and let us know your results!

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